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30 Best Watch Sellers on DHgate 2024 | Dhgate watch review (Cartier, Tag Heuer, Rolex)

by Tim Blue 14 Jul 2024
Best Watch Sellers on DHgate

DHgate has been a go to destination after Aliexpress for numerous products such as bags, sneakers and a few electronics. But there’s one item that does really well on DHgate and that is watches. There are numerous DHgate watch sellers that specialize in certain watches, there are men’s watch sellers and women’s watch sellers.

In this article, we cover the best DHgate watch sellers

Michael Travis on Dhgate

Jason 007 Dhgate

Are Watches on Dhgate Worth it?

There are multiple sellers who sell rep watches on Dhgate such as Cartier and Tag Heuer. But instead of focusing on the watches, there are Dhgate watch sellers like Michael Travis and Jason007 that specialize in a few watch brands like Rolexes and more. These are prime sellers. Here's been my experience with rep watch sellers on Dhgate.

Best Watch Seller Dhgate 2023

#1 -- Michael Travis

best watch seller dhgate

The Michael Travis store is another veteran DHgate seller with 30,000+ happy customers and a 97.3% positive rating. They are a top seller and one of their best selling watches is the U1 Factory movement, Engraved watch. It’s a submariner that is beautiful and costs lesser than $40. 

Check out the store

#2 -- China_Watch

The China-Watch store has one of the Best Dhgate Submariner watches. It’s actually their top selling product and apart from that, they sell Armani Exchange watches as well. They have a 99.3% positive rating with 2000+ customers.

Check out the store

#3 -- Linlove

The Linlove store is also in its first year has a positive rating of  97.4% and 3,500+ happy customers. This store also has the big watches like the Rolex, Omega, Cartier among other brands. 

Check out the store

#4 -- Puretime

The Puretime Watch seller on Dhgate has one item in their inventory that a lot of watch sellers don’t have and those are Panerai watches. The Panerai are one of the Best DHgate submariners. 

The store has a 98.4% positive feedback and 2000+ happy customers. 

Check out the store

#5 -- Luxury Watch Store

Arguably the most popular DHgate watch seller, you can find replicas of Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Patek Phillipe and more. They are a top rated seller with a 98.2% rating and 10,000+ happy customers. 

Check out the store

#6 -- Good ROIEXX

The Good Roiexx store is popular among replica watch collectors because of its amazing collection of replica Rolex watches. This store has a custom link option to get the replica products. They have an amazing collection of replica watches. 

Check out the store

#7 -- LOKMAT

LOKMAT is another Chinese smartwatch brand that sells on DHgate. They sell Android based digital watches that are reasonably priced. They have a 95.6% positive feedback with. 

Check out the store

#8 -- LEMFO

LEMFO is one of the up and coming Chinese watch brands that makes primarily smartwatches and sports watches. The most popular LEMFO smartwatch is the SX16 and it’s popular because it’s an APPLE watch replica. So if you are looking for Apple watch clones, then you can visit the LEMFO store on DHgate. 

They have a 100% positive feedback even though they are pretty new. 

Check out the store

#9 -- Eseed

The ESeed store is know for its smart watches and fitness bands. It's one of the rare watch sellers on Dhgate that deal with smart products as mostly the product is known for its replica watches.

Check out the store

#10 -- U1 Super Store

One of the fastest growing watch stores on DHgate is the U1 Super store. In the past year, they have had 5,900+ customers and a rating of 95.9%. So what makes them awesome? They sell all the top Chinese watch brands like Tevise, DOM, Nibosi, Onola, SKMEI and more. 

Their old-school 80’s tribute mechanical watches are super popular. 

Check out the store here

#11 -- Btime DHgate 

Probably the most popular DHgate watch seller is Btime Dhgate. The ceramic Bezel watches are super popular and they sell Rolex clones, Patek Philippe clones and more. 

Check out the store here

#12 -- Keyaa Store

The Keyaa store has a 97.2% rating with 4000+ customers. They are popular for their Rolex watches and also their sports watches. Their stainless steel GMT watches are super popular. The Pepsi stainless watch is popular in this store! 

Check out the store here

#13 -- John’s Watch Store 

The John’s Watch store is probably one of my favourite DHgate watch sellers online. They have one of the best collection of stainless steel watches. If you are looks for Rolex replicas, Casio replicas or Cartier replicas or women’s luxury watches, this is the go to store! 

The numbers don’t lie with a 98.7% approval rating and 35,000+ transactions. They are a top seller! 

Check out the store here

#14 -- Zhuqijie12580

This store has a 97.8% positive rating with over 4,400+ happy customers. So what is this store famous for? They sell one of the best dial watches with Rose Gold finish. If you are looking for unique luxury smartwatches, then this is one of the best watch stores on DHgate. 

Check out the store here

#15 -- DZWatches

The DZ Watches store is the ultimate watch store for Daniel Wellington replicas. They might be pretty new in the game, but they have a positive rating of 98.9% with 1000+ happy customers. 

They have Daniel Wellington watches of all types and materials including aluminum and metal. 

Check out the store here

#16 -- Shanghai 2008

The Shanghai 2008 store is another luxury watch seller on DHgate. They offer coupons on their store on purchases over $100. It’s their 9th year in operation and they are one of the most popular stores on DHgate. They have a 97.2% positive feedback.

So what is this watch seller known for? Omega watches or Rolex watches worn by James Bond himself. 

Check out the store here

#17 -- Cantrina

The Cantrina Store is another top seller with a 98.9% positive feedback and over 6,800+ transactions. This store sells one of the most popular products on DHgate. It’s a Diesel watch replica store with their Diesel replica watches being the most popular. 

Apart from Diesel replica watches they also sell G-shock clones. Check this store out! 

Check out the store here

#18 -- Eshop Nice

EshopNice is a Dhgate watch seller that is popular. They have over 360+ watches in their product offering. They have a positive rating of 97.2% with 15,000+ happy customers.

Their most popular watch is the skeletal watch with the see through mechanical design. It’s reminiscent of a Patek Phillipe watch. 

Check out the store here

#19 -- Jason 007 Dhgate 

The Jason007 DHgate store is probably one of the most popular and sought after DHgate sellers for luxury wristwatches. They sell replicas of Rolex, Patek Phillipe and other chronograph wristwatches. They have a 97.4% positive rating with 38,000+ transactions. They are a top rated seller on DHgate.

Check out the store here

How to find Rolex on DHgate 

Finding a Rolex on Dhgate is not that hard to find. There is a DHgate watch seller named Good Roiexx that deals with Rolex watches. Apart from that various other sellers who deal with Rolex watches. Alternatively, you could also search for “Rox” watches. It’s the secret word for Rolex watches. 

Are Dhgate watches any good?

Dhgate watches are one of the best. They have an amazing collection of replica watches, smart watches, automatic watches, digital watches, sports watches and more. The price ranges from $10 to $300+. They are high quality, backed by legitimate sellers who offer buyer protection.

Are DHgate replica watches any good?

Dhgate replica watches are better than any other replica watches from other websites. They are true replicas with high ratings and buyer protection from fraudulent sellers. Replicas on Dhgate are the best online.

Are DHgate Watch Sellers legit?

Dhgate watch sellers are absolutely legitimate and they have genuine ratings. As they are answerable to DHgate in terms of their ratings and performance, they are legit and look to serve the customer.

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