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Top DHgate Trusted Sellers 2024 (Updated - 35 Top Sellers)

by Tim Blue 14 Jul 2024
Top DHgate Trusted Sellers

DHgate as a platform is growing in size and has become one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. They are only second to the biggest in the world such as Aliexpress. Like most marketplaces, it’s difficult to find the right seller or supplier for something you want to buy.

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Best Branded Watches on Aliexpress

Best Branded Shoes on Aliexpress

Best Branded Clothes on Aliexpress

A lot of people check out a few sellers and get disappointed with the collections they see and then move onto another platform. But you haven't seen the Top DHgate sellers yet.

Store Name Category  Satisfaction Rating
Nicholasstore Electronics 99.3% Satisfaction
iZeso Electronics 100% Satisfaction
Arthur032 Electronics 98.5% Satisfaction
iBestshoppingmall Electronics 99.5% Satisfaction
Santi Store Home Products 99% Satisfaction
Home Pillow Home Products 96.5% Satisfaction
Goodliness Jewelry Sellers 98.7% Satisfaction
DPP Fashion Jewelry Sellers 98.8% Satisfaction
Top Merchant Jersey Jersey Sellers 98.9% Satisfaction
Best 2018 Jersey Jersey Sellers 98% Satisfaction
Etto Sports Jersey Sellers 98.2% Satisfaction
Sporting Equipment 97.7% Satisfaction
Boost 700 V2 Shoes and Sneakers 97% Satisfaction
Luxury Shoes Shoes and Sneakers 97.8% Satisfaction
Luxury Designs Shoes and Sneakers 96.6% Satisfaction
Brand Shoes Shoes and Sneakers 98.2% Satisfaction
Just4urwear Apparel 95.5% Satisfaction
Yabsera Apparel 95.6% Satisfaction
DHgate Honorable Watch Seller Watch Sellers 98.4% Satisfaction
Luckcat Sunglasses 97% Satisfaction
Greatamy Baby Products 100% Satisfaction
HLTrading Baby Products 99% Satisfaction

How to choose the top DHgate sellers?

  • Check reviews and ratings of the seller - One of the first and most important things to do is to check the authenticity of the sellers and see if the buyers were satisfied with their purchases. Sellers with an average rating of 95% and above can be trusted and would be DHgate verified so you can definitely consider buying from them. 
  • Check the transaction data - DHgate shows you just how many transactions and orders were fulfilled by each seller along with the store rating. Older sellers would be some of the best on DHgate simply because they have experience in the game and know what customers are in the market to buy.
  • Look at their Inventory - Another thing you can do while searching for the best DHgate seller is to check their inventory and see how many products they have lined up. Every seller is unique and would not have the same products you need. Make sure you search for the seller that has the most products and has a positive rating on DHgate. 

DHGate has amazing sellers with unique products at the best prices. I have listed the categories and the top sellers for each category. Hopefully this makes your DHgate buying experience much better. 

Click here to find out the DHgate Offers

We keep updating this list every month.

Best DHgate Trusted Sellers

How to find brands on DHgate

If you are looking for top brands on DHgate, then it’s pretty simple. In every search term you do, there are a bunch of brand search results on the left pane, which helps you filter by the brand. But here’s a list of top brands on DHgate. 

DHgate Brands Links to DHgate brands
Adidas Click here to check it out
Balenciaga Click here to check it out
Burberry Click here to check it out
Bvlgari Click here to check it out
Cartier Click here to check it out
Casio Click here to check it out
Chanel Click here to check it out
Guess Click here to check it out
LV Click here to check it out
Michael Kors Click here to check it out
North Face Click here to check it out
YSL Click here to check it out
Supreme Click here to check it out
Omega Click here to check it out

Dhgate Brand Finder Keywords List

Brands Keywords
LV, Gucci, Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada Bags Designer bag, luxury bag, Designer inspired bag
Air Jordans, Nike Basketball Shoes


Best DHGate Electronics Sellers 

DHGate Electronics Sellers


The iZeso store on DHgate is one of my favorite places to visit when i’m in search of new accessories for all my gadgets. The store boasts a whopping 100% satisfaction rating which is something many DHgate sellers strive for. 

I guess the reason why iZeso has been able to maintain such a good reputation over the last 8 years is because their products are always made from high quality materials and they are much cheaper than their competitors.

I’ve noticed that people keep flocking to this store because it gets some of the best AirPods clones in the market and they even supply cases for AirPods, charging bricks, earphones, phone holders, tempered glass and much more.

While the main advantage of shopping from iZeso is the low pricing and top quality materials, the drawback is that they don’t have a vast collection of products to choose from.

Click here to visit iZeso


Nicholasstore is one of the best rated stores on DHgate for all things electronic. This store deals with game consoles, cell phone accessories, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, Mini cameras and more. They have been running their business successfully since 2019 from Guangdong, China and have gained a positive rating of 99.3% from over 1K transactions till date. 

Nicholasstore - Click here to visit


flydream store dhgate electronics

The Fly Dream Store is one of the largest on dhgate with a 97.3% rating and over 14,800+ transactions. They sell everything under the sun. From headphones to flat irons, to facial massagers and more. They are known for their electronics. 


Arthur032 is the go to electronic store for Android TV boxes on Dhgate. They have Android TV boxes that range from $30, all the way to $100 and more. They also sell TWS earbuds and smart plugs in their store. They have a 98.5% rating and have sold more than 18,000+ products.

Arthur032 - Click here to visit


ibest shopping mall dhgate

The iBest Shopping Mall is a brilliant Dhagte seller that sells all electronic items and accessories such as tempered glass, phone cases, TWS earphones, tablet cases, car chargers and more. 99.5% positive rating and 5000+ happy customers. 

iBestshoppingmall - Click here to visit

Best DHgate Wedding Items Sellers

The best place to buy tailored wedding dresses at a cheap price is on DHgate and not even on Aliexpress. Listed below are the top stores.

wedding dress sellers on dhgate - a man and his bride

Lovewedding 888

Lovewedding888 is a well respected seller on DHgate known for their prom dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and other wedding accessories. They have been designing and manufacturing wedding dresses and accessories for over 6 years and have a positive rating of 97.9% from 4775 transactions till now.

Click here to visit the store

Best DHGate Home Products Sellers

DHGate Home Products Sellers

Santi Store

Santi store dhgate

The Santi store is an all in one shop that sells home goods such as bottles, stoves, spoons, ladles and more. They have a 100% rating and 2000+ happy customers. One of the best on Dhgate. 

Home Pillow

home pillow store dhgate

As the name suggests, these guys deal with pillows of all types. You want floral pillows or plain pillow covers? You got it. They have a good range of pillow covers. Apart from that, they do sell a lot of floral stuff. 

Click here to visit the store


good_home store dhgate

The Good_home store has a lot of home products such as water bottles, mugs, blankets and more. It has a rating of 97.9% and they have a pretty good collection. 

Click here to visit the store

Best Dhgate Jewelry Sellers 

jewelry sellers on dhgate


The Zeimax store is one of the biggest DHgate Jewelry sellers. They have a 98.4% positive rating with close to 10,000 followers. 

zeimax store dhgate for jewely

Click here to check out the store


goodliness store dhgate for jewelry on dhgate

The Goodliness store is a veteran jewelry seller on DHgate with over 5 years of presence on the platform. They have a 98.7% positive rating and 6,700+ transactions. 

Click here to check out the store

DPP Fashion 

Looking for cheap earrings and funky jewelry? Then check out the DPP fashion store that has a 98.8% positive feedback and 6800+ transactions. 

Click here to check out the store


Beijia2013 store dhgate accessories

Beijia2013 is the store you want to visit for high-quality jewelry, customized jewelry and luxury watches. It’s one of the oldest stores on DHgate dealing with fashionable accessories and luxury designer jewelry. Beijia2013 was first set up in 2013 and since then it has gained over 97.8% rating with more than 16K items sold.

Click here to visit the store

Best Dhgate Jersey Sellers 

dhgate jersey sellers

Top Merchant Jersey

Another popular jersey store on DHgate, Top Merchant Jersey offers high-quality jerseys at an affordable price. They have a wide collection of jerseys and cater to footballers, basketball players and other athletes. This store has an impressive rating of 98.9% and a little over 11 thousand purchases from their store.

Click here to visit the store

Best 2018 Jersey 

best2018 jersey store on dhgate

The most popular Jersey seller on DHgate where you can find amazing replica jerseys in the Best 2018 store. They have a 98% positive rating with 69,000+ transactions. 

Click here to check out the store

Etto SPorts

ettosports jersey store on dhgate

They are a top seller with some high quality jerseys for cheap. They have a 98.2% positive rating with 43,000+ positive transactions. 

Click here to check out the store


jersey seller on dhgate

The Chn88 store is one of the new entrants in the DHgate jersey space and they have all the top jerseys of the top soccer / football teams. They specialize in football jerseys of the biggest clubs and national teams as well.

Click here to check out the store

Best DHGate Sports and Sports Equipment Sellers 


The Yakuda store is one of the most popular sporting stores on Dhgate. They have a wide range of shoes, jerseys, sport bikinis, college jerseys, soccer wear and more.

They were first set up in 2009 and since then have gradually grown to be one of the most popular sports and sports equipment sellers on DHgate. Yakuda has a rating of 97.7% and have fulfilled over 54k transactions so far.

Click here to visit the store


Best DHgate Shoe Sellers

sports product dhgate

Boost 700 V2

yeezy seller on dhgate

The Boost 700V2 is another top store for shoes that sell Air Jordan’s and has a collection of 500+ sneakers. They sell soccer shoes and casual shoes too. They have a 97% positive feedback with 24,000+ customers. 

Click here to visit the store

Luxury Shoes

luxury shoes store dhgate

Luxury shoes is probably one of the biggest shoe sellers on Dhgate. They have 50,000+ sales and a positive rating of 97.8%. They sell shoes of all types. From running shoes to sandals and slippers. 

Click here to visit the store

Luxury Designs

luxury designs dhgate store

The Luxury Designs shoe store is a leading seller on Dhgate that deals in sports shoes, running shoes and luxury shoes. They have a good collection of shoes and that shows in their positive rating of 96.6%. 

Click here to visit the store

Brand Shoes

brandshoes store on dhgate

If you’re looking for high-quality footwear on DHgate then you need to check out the seller Brand Shoes. They have a collection of shoes like no other and their inventory includes basketball shoes, running shoes, high heels, casual shoes and even Jordan replicas. The store has gained a decent fan base over the last few years with a positive rating of 98.2% from having fulfilled over 23K transactions.

Click here to visit the store

Best Dhgate Apparel Sellers

Dhgate Apparel Sellers


just4urstore on dhgate

This store is famous for its skinny jeans and also ripped jeans. Apart from that they have tees for women, dresses, jackets and blazers. They’ve been around for 2 years and have a 95.5% rating with 6,000+ transactions. 

Click here to visit the store


netecool store dhgate

Netecool sells some amazing clothing for men. They have a good collection of gym wear, tees, pants and more. They have close to 4,000 customers and a positive rating of 94.3%

Click here to visit the store


yabsera store on dhgate

The last of the apparel sellers. Yabsera is certainly one of the best. They have sold more than 20,000 units of apparel and have a positive rating of 95.6%. They sell the latest styles in mens tees, shorts, womens dresses, tracksuits and more. 

Click here to visit the store

Best DHgate Watch Sellers 

DHgate Watch Sellers


Men’s Watches 1

Mens Watches 1 store dhgate

Finding a high quality watch seller on DHgate can be a daunting task, but luckily there’s one store that makes life easier and that’s Men’s Watches 1. 

With an impressive rating of 97.4% and over 14k watches sold till date, this store is probably one of the best places for cheap watches and high quality copies of brands like Omega and Rolex.

It’s been over 3 years since Men’s Watches 1 set up shop on DHgate and they are based in Guangdong, China where parts and components are dirt cheap, resulting in the low prices of their watches.

While they have an impressive collection of replicas to choose from, their automatic mechanical Omega is to die for. 

It’s an exact replica of the original piece and not only does it come in branded packaging but there’s also a 50% discount running on their store, so this high quality replica drops in at just under $80.

Click here to visit Men’s Watches1

Swiss Watches

Swiss Watches is one of the best stores on Dhgate for watches. They have a 98.4% positive rating and over 20,000+ customers. They sell watches of all type such as G-shock, men’s wear, women’s wear, sports, luxury sapphire and more. 

Click here to visit the store

Honorable Mentions - Dhgate Watch Sellers


The VIP Watch store might have only 20+ watches in their store, but the watches are amazing and are top selling. They have a 97.4% rating with 2500+ ratings.

Luxury Watch

The Luxury Watch store is a replica watch seller on Dhgate. They sell replicas and non-replica watches too. With more than 70 watches to choose from, this is one of the most popular watch stores on DHgate. They have a 97.4% positive rating with 12,500+ transactions.

Best DHgate Sunglasses Sellers


DHgate Sunglasses Sellers

Wide Supplier

wide supplier on dhgate

Wide Supplier is probably the best sunglasses seller on Dhgate. They sell over 500 styles of sunglasses. They have a positive rating of 98.4% and have over 3600+ happy customers. 

Click here to visit the store

Luck Cat

luckcat store on dhgate

Luckcat is a professional glasses manufacturer based out of China. This store has been rated one of the best places to buy sunglasses and other eyewear on DHgate. They have both polarized and non-polarized glasses on sale and you can even get a pair for yourself at a discounted price. Apart from completing over 8K bookings, Luckcat has a positive seller rating of 97% which is pretty impressive.

Best DHgate Baby Products sellers 


DHgate Baby Products sellers


greatamy store dhgate

If you’re in the market for some pretty cool and affordable kids wear then you should consider checking out Greatamy on DHgate. This seller has everything you need for your child and you can find anything from clothing sets, shoes, dresses, children toys and even children bags at affordable prices. The seller has recorded almost 10k orders and has a 100% rating on DHgate.


HL trading dhgate

HLtrading is a seller on DHgate that deals with baby related products and some mommy related products as well. They have one of the largest inventories on DHgate when it comes to baby clothing and accessories including toys, baby feeding apparatus, maternity clothing, baby health and care and even cartoon products. HLtrading has been around since 2017 and in their 5 years on DHgate, they have managed to gain a rating of 99% from over 5K satisfied customers.


good_case store dhgate

Good_care or bubble poppers is a Chinese manufacturer and seller which deals in kids toys, clothes, swimsuits, household items for mothers and more. Most of their catalog is filled with branded and designer items that you can get on a budget. Good_Case has received around 10 thousand bookings and buyers are entirely satisfied with the services provided which is why they have a positive rating of 98.4% on DHgate.

Best DHgate Makeup Sellers 

makeup sellers on dhgate

Feel Well Makeup 

feelwell makeup store dhgate

FeelWell Makeup is well known for their affordable and highly discounted makeup products. They have everything, from eyeshadow to lipstick, concealers, base primer and bronzers. While their inventory is not fully stocked, the quality of their products are top notch and probably why they have a 100% rating on DHgate.

Click here to check out the store

Red & Black 

red_black store dhgate

Red and Black cosmetics is a seller on DHgate that specializes in women’s  makeup, concealer, powder and eyeshadow. Most of their products are made from “natural ingredients” and are affordable especially if you’re buying in bulk. The Red and Black store on DHgate has not broken sales records and has a rating of 87.5%simply because they’re that new, but given time, they will definitely outperform other stores and sellers on DHgate.

Click here to check out the store

Best Dhgate Replica Sellers Reddit

If you are going to Reddit to find the best dhgate sellers, then look no further than the list above. We've covered the top Dhgate sellers in every category.

FAQs on Buying from DHGate

Who is the best seller on DHGate?

There are multiple best sellers for each category and we have curated over 59 DHGates stores that are trustworthy. Kindly refer to our huge list above. DHgate is good for certain category of items and we are only suggesting those sellers and categories that are good on Dhgate.

Tips for Shopping on DHgate

  • Check the seller thoroughly before transaction: One of the first and the most important things to do is check the authenticity of the sellers and look for reviews left by buyers. The foremost thing to check is the number of years they’ve been selling the product on Dhgate which will confirm if the seller is real. Be careful if the buyer is new, doesn’t have enough positive reviews or has not sold enough goods. 
  • Check the product transaction: Once you’re done with checking the seller profile, it’s now time for the product. Look out for surveys and evaluation of the product. You can also check out the recent audits and inputs by the recent buyers to get an idea about it. 
  • Check feedback and review by other buyers: If you want a great insight on how the product is going to be and if they have any loophole.  This will be of great help as pictures are often misleading and you might feel cheated later. 

How long does dhgate delivery take?

Dhgate usually takes 3- 15 business days to deliver the product. However, it depends on the stock status, shipping method, the location of the buyer as well as the location it’s being ordered from. DHgate does have storage facilities across Europe and North America. So these locations can expect 2 to 3 day deliveries.

How do I find seller on DHGate?

There are huge number of sellers selling variety of products on DHGate. Some able to cater to 1 piece while some request a minimum order. If you order larger quantity, you can talk down the pricing.

If you are afraid the seller is not trustworthy and reliable, we would suggest to buy a small quantity of goods from them. Test and build the trust. These DHGate sellers can be your long term suppliers in the future.

There is another way to find good DHgate sellers and that is to check out the Superior Sellers section on Dhgate.

Is reliable?

The portal is definitely reliable. What is not reliable are the sellers. So here at, we curate the best reliable sellers vetted by our team and even by the DHGate team for you.

You can refer to our best dhgate sellers above for more information. Best is to build trust and relationship along the way. You can do a small shipment to further the relationship.

How do I contact a seller on DHGate?

Best to contact them via "Ask seller a question" button on the seller page. However you need to register an account with DHGate to access to this function. We love fast replies. This is one indicator to see how trustworthy the seller is.

What should I buy from Dhgate?

DHgate is perfect for luxury bags, designer handbags, cheap jerseys, branded shoes. Apart from that they do sell cheap electronics products. But the winner hands down is handbags, shoes and jerseys!

How good are Dhgate replicas?

DHgate replicas are probably the best in the business online. They are super competitive and have one of the finest collections of replica products across categories such as handbags, shoes, jerseys and more. 

Does DHgate sell real products?

If by that you mean authentic, yes, DHgate does sell real products and you can tell by looking at the reputation of the seller and the price they are selling the products at. If it’s too cheap compared to the market rate, then it’s probably unauthentic or a replica. 

How do you find things on Dhgate?

It’s pretty easy to find things on Dhgate. You just need to enter the keyword of your choice in the search bar and that’s the best way to find things. If you are looking for the best products and the best sellers, you can check out the filter section on the left, where you can search by brands. These are mostly Chinese brands, which are super cheap! 

How do I find best sellers on Dhgate?

It’s pretty simple to find best sellers on DHgate. Here is a step by step process on finding the best sellers on DHgate. 

Step 1 : Enter the product, you are searching for. Example “Power banks”

Step 2 : Filter by “Best Selling”. It’s generally filtered by “best match”

Step 3 : You can do this across categories, to find the best sellers on DHgate. 

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